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AQZ Charity Foundation(以下简称AQZ)是由休斯顿华人医生丰建伟(Jianwei Feng)和屈正(Zheng Qu)等医学专家发起,并在德克萨斯州正式注册的非营利性组织。AQZ的宗旨是扶危济困,救死扶伤,传播慈善,弘扬大爱。AQZ与屈正爱心基金会(简称BQZ)一脉相承,为弱者提供“一帮一、点对点”的救助,给大家宣教“延年益寿”的医学常识,向世人传播“大爱正心”的理念,现在已经成功救助6例贫困家庭先天性心脏病儿童的基础上,将为更多的贫困患病孩子们伸出援助之手。


AQZ Charity Foundation founded as a non-profit organization by Drs. Jianwei Feng and Zheng Qu, is registered as such in Texas, USA and is a branch of the Beijing Quzheng Charity Foundation in China. The purpose of AQZ is Heal the sick, Empower the disadvantaged, Spread charity to all who need it, and Offer the gift of love and kindness.

The mission of AQZ is to provide for those in need with direct person-to-person, point-to-point relief; to assist in educating people regarding medical and health-related issues enabling them to live better, healthier, longer lives; and to advance the idea to the world that the “greatest gift one person can give to another is love from an healthy heart”.

Based on previous successful aid given to three children from poor areas in China, each with congenital heart disease, AQZ will continue this work by extending its services to other poor and sick children throughout the world.

AQZ’s work will include carrying out funding for medical assistance programs for poor and disadvantaged populations in the world; to further assist the disadvantaged in developing and maintaining conditions that will improve their overall health and longevity; to provide medical services as needed as well as to further educate and empower the people regarding their health; and to organize charity fund-raising performances and exhibitions and further publicize its charity-based philosophy.


Chairman, Heart & vascular institute,
Memorial Hermann Hospital

丰建伟博士,美国大爱正心慈善基金会董事长,美国心脏学院士,现任Memorial Hermann Hospital SW 副院长,医院心脏血管中心主任;休斯顿JFSouthwest心脏病治疗中心专家、总裁; St. Luke’s医院与Memorial Hermann 医院资深专家;厚普生(Hopson)医疗教育与发展系统总裁;德克萨斯州医学协会副主席;美国医学联合会会员;美国华人医生联合会召集人。丰建伟博士2011年获得州长特别贡献奖;2012年12月CCTV4华人世界专访;2013年最佳医生奖(华人首次)。丰建伟博士的通过分子基因手段探测家畜结核杆菌以及布氏杆菌的耐药/易感基因获得美国专利。


屈正 ZHENG QU, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery Chairman, BQZ Charity Foundation



Issac Shi | 史宁

软件企业家   大爱正心慈善基金会执行理事

Isaac Shi is a software innovator and entrepreneur residing in Houston, Texas. He is the co-founder of Pubsoft, an e-content software company. Prior to Pubsoft, he co-founded Prognosis Innovation in 2006 and currently remains as a Board Director of Prognosis. Through Prognosis’ Electronic Health Record software, Mr. Shi helped many patients in needs and bring software innovation and quality patient care to the bedsides.

Prior to Prognosis, he was a lead architect of iHotelier Hotel Reservation system, which was later acquired by Bain Capital-backed TravelClick. Mr. Shi is currently a Managing Partner at Golden Section Ventures, a boutique Venture Company and Software Development firm in downtown Houston.